05 February 2010

Landscape with Mountains 3

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  1. first time we were in berlin together, hans, was in 1990. let me give you a belated piece of artistic feedback on 1990 and DDR. i just discovered hanns schimansky, abstract painter and DDR man. he was exhibiting at the neue nationalgalerie that year. i like what i saw (on the link), maybe you find it interesting, and maybe it will remind you a bit of me (sharing a bottle of vodka with you on the street).
    memories ...


  2. Hi Alexis, yes, seeing his development we can really feel something digital in his works. I know his works from the late 80s but I was not aware of his movement to more abstract and reduced but therefor strong works. Did you see this show 1990 in the Neue Nationalgalerie ? I am not sure if I was there or not. Especially I like here the 2006er works like these http://www.galeriekondeyne.de/gfx/hannsschimansky/gross/hanns_schimansky_faltung_2008_018.jpg

    Very interesting find ! Did you know him then back in the 90s ?

    Pokaaa, Heiner