06 January 2013

Art lover, Collector. Support art from the Caucasus, because

you discover amazing artists and photographers from the Caucasus region

you witness new visual ideas

you support Caucasian artists

you document and save Contemporary art

you brighten your life style and influence, your daily feelings and thoughts by living with art

you may do a good financial investment by buying the right artists, but as this could be a lottery , you should rather buy what you really like

you prove the growing role of the internet for the artistic livelihoods and the growing independence of the artists by breaking the monopolies of traditional art galleries and the old art market

support art from the Caucasus

How ?

Most works on this blog are for sale. Check out the Saatchi Online page of Hans


the works of other Georgian artists will be available online soon

or have a look at our digital art prints on Etsy

or contact us directly


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